Alienware m15x 5850 ddr3 or ddr5

hey guys. was cheking the alienware m15x and only wanted to buy it because i cant afford the m17x, but i only want it if it has a good gpu. so i cheked the gpus and looked at the performance of the 5850m; its actually more powerfull than the nvidia 260, but ofc, the 5850 comes in either ddr3 or ddr5, and its only the ddr5 option thats powerfull. so i was wondering, because it doesnt say anything on alienware, is the 5850 on the m15x ddr3 or ddr5?

also, if anyone owning an m15x with 5850 could geme some feedback on how it performs gaming wise, id apreciate it alot.
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  1. Quote:
    Pretty underwhelming is how I would describe it.

    1/2 the stream processors as the desktop HD5850. Only 128bit memory bus. DDR3.

    Performs on par with the old HD4670.

    dude, im not comparing it to any gpus, i know how it performs. and about the memory bus, the best mobile ati gpu (5870m) has the same. ur showing me the benchmarks for the ddr3 one, the ddr5 has much more performance, check for yourself



    im asking if the alienware m15x comes with the ddr3 5850 or the ddr5 one.
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