W7 32 bit or 64 bit games on second drive??

I have a question which I will try and say the best I can as it even confuses me.

I'm running w7 64bit on an aurora r4, I have 2 drives, one for OS and the other purely for games, mainly FSX.

My question is, beens I'm putting games on the second drive is it taking advantage of windws 7 64bit or not. As on the main drive you obviously have 2 program files, one for 32 bit and one for 64 bit.

For example the latest hitman game says

Minimum requirement

Windows 7

Recommended system

Windows 7 64bit

So if I buy hitman and put it on my games drive, will it still take advantage of 64bit

I hope that makes sense
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  1. It doesn't matter what drive you put the files on. If you install a 64-bit application, it will run as a 64-bit application no matter which drive it is on.
  2. Ok thank you for the reply, I may download hitman through steam and see if it offers me the choice, that will be interesting to see if it does or if they just do have one version but say it runs better on 64bit
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