Should I buy an i7 Macbook Pro?

I'm looking to purchase the 15-inch: 2.66GHz MAC book pro but there are a few things I'm considering and I want everyone's opinion. First of all I'm considering this laptop most because of its combination of stability, reliability, portability, and power.

I feel that if I go with a non-MAC, I could probably get more power, and a quad-core i7, but that it'll burn up into flames because of heat issues or because of a poorly made product.

My questions are:

Should I wait for cooler running i7's to come out that are quad core and is the i7 dual core 620M a good buy at this point?
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  1. No one knows when the updated MBP's come out, so buy now and enjoy it
  2. As far as Apple goes I'm kind of on hold buying anything new from them, they seem to be behind in everything but the Mac Pro desktops at the moment caring too much about their iPhone and neglected their computer market. I bet right when you buy it they'll come out with new ones, that's what always happens to me.
  3. Apple recently refreshed MBP's,so the next update will more likely be next year
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