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Hello. I have had my Acer Aspire 5100 for a little over a year, but the laptop itself is over 3 years old. I have vertical colored lines through the screen (thats not what I'm worried about, but if there is a solution to that, that would be great!). My dvd drive fell out about the time I got it (it no longer reads it so I have a seperate one that I use in the USB port) and my battery has about 30 minutes charge. I have about 4 gigs left of memory and it runs a bit slow, but definatly faster now that I took off everything that isn't necessary and such. I have my birthday soon, turning 15 so I don't need a lot of anything. I would like to know how to get it back into good shape so that I can ask for things for my birthday, or I can spend some money so that I can get it back into some good shape. It was only sent out for service once, when they replaced one of the keys near the touch thing. Can anyone give some advice? I don't have the money for a new laptop.
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  1. My advice, remove software your not using. Run Ccleaner and do disk cleanup, run the registry cleaner. I'm not sure how many gig HD you have but you need more than 4 gigs. ( general rule of thumb when your drive gets 50-60% filled it will slow thinks down)
    Defrag HD, download and update all your hardware drivers.
    If you can max out your ram with identical sticks.
    A SSHD will give you best performance boost.
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