How to connect a usb webcam to my router via usb

Hello Experts!!

Just got a new wireless router from verizon (it has a USB) socket finally.....back there! Can I view my living room from my lap-top by simply plugging it into the usb?? NO...that would be way to checked the tag and it's a Logitech web-cam USB connector. I do have a program for it as well. It say's it'd PID# if you need that for any reason to make this work? Other then that I'm a bit unaware of how to do this?
Can anyone lend a brain for a few minutes?
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  1. You can't, those USB ports are for storage and/or printers.

    If you want to have a web cam viewable over the internet, and/or connected to the network instead of a PC, you can get an IP camera or use the web cam software to share out the web cam (instructions should be with the camera).
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