Thinkpad T30 Fan - which one?

Have a Thinkpad T30, model 2366-JCU. I need to replace the fan and find three different part numbers, depending on the specific model:
for 2366-J1x use 46L4753
for 2366-J4x use 46P3132
for 2366-JBx use 91P8908
Can anyone educate me on the Thinkpad model coding system so that I can choose the correct part?
Any help is appreciated.
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  1. It looks as if 6 different processors shared 3 different fans.
    Could get a bit confusing matching up. I'd look for my processor and cross that to
    the fan model #'s. Hopefully it works out to 1 to 1.
    I might e-mail lenovo support as well since the model number you have is only on MoBo's.
  2. Matching the processor to the fan makes sense -- thanks for the help.
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