Toshiba a665-s6070 replacement

Hey guys,

A week ago I bought a toshiba a665-s6070. It has all the specs for what I want. The first one I bought had a loose mouse button on the touchpad so I exchanged it yesterday. The new unit has the same problem. I've never had a Toshiba before, and am concerned about the build quality if I'm seeing issues. I'm contemplating returning it completely tonight/tomorrow as my return/exchange time is coming to an end. What would be a comprable equivalent in the $1000 - $1300 price range? (can go a little higher, but really don't want to) As far as specs, here is what I would like.

Core I7 processor (1336 socket preffered, not required)

4 GB Ram DDR2 or 3 (I can always add more later)

500MB Video Card (would like 1 G, but again.. not really needed at this point)

500 GB HD

DVD player/burner (Blue ray would be nice, but not necessary)

15-16 inch screen

What are everybody's thoughts on my predicament?


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  1. I just found this on Amazon.. I've had a couple HP's before. The specs look right where I want and the price difference is neglibile. (Aside from my need have a computer = overnight shipping cost...)

    HP Pavilion dv6-3052nr

    Still looking for input guys! Got till late tonight/tom!
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