Audio Drivers for Windows 7 64 bit

I have been trying to play Guild Wars 2, but my computer keeps freezing up when trying to download the newest patch.. I have tested memory, temperatures, and checked all drivers and still having problems.

I am running out of things, but the latest sound driver for my Asus P5N-T Deluxe is SoundMAX AD1988 Audio Driver V6.10.X.6400 from 2008...

Is there a later driver out there to use and where do I get it?
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  1. alvine said:

    Yes, I saw that. That is the driver I am using, but its also 4 years old. I did not know if a newer driver was out there.
  2. If that's the only driver supplied by the manufacturer then no there is no newer version. You should create a support ticket with guild wars 2 as to why your pc freezes
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