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I'm in the process of wiring a new DC power jack to my toshiba A300 laptop. I have the necessary guides for both dismantling the laptop & soldering in the new part, so that's no worries. The replacement connector was purchased from jaycar electronics (instead of radioshack like the guide) & it has 3 pins instead of 2.

Assuming i have it correct that the 2 short pins are for the inner/outer (i can make them out), What is the 3rd (longer) pin for? Can i just ignore it?

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  1. Are you sure this is the right connector ?

    I can't quite tell the scale from the picture but it looks like a Walkman type mini jack headphone socket. The three solder connector are for common and left/right signal.

    Take the power supply or old Toshiba socket into Radio Shack and get their advice.
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