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Recently I've installed a new heatsink on my SOYO Dragon Lite MB, and I was startled when the computer powered up on its own. I was rerouting some molex power cables so that my two case fans could run off the same line using a parallel split (Y junction). Well while i was unplugging the power supply to my Hard Drive, the computer just powered up. This startled me and I quickly pushed the power button to turn the computer back off. I've noticed now, that whenever I randomly tinker/jiggle a drive or a cable, the computer will power up again. Its never done this before. Hopefully someone out there knows whats happening to my computer.
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  1. Just wanted to add to my problem. I just accidently bumped into my desk and my computer turned when ever the computer is jostled even just a little it powers up when its fully powered down. Please help...this is really getting annoying. Thank you.
  2. Go disable the power management wake-up events in the BIOS and see if that makes a difference.


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  3. Quote:
    I just accidently bumped into my desk and my computer turned when ever the computer is jostled even just a little it powers up when its fully powered down

    sounds like something loose to me

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  4. AAAHHHHHH!!! DAMN IT!!!!!!!!!

    Since I took apart everything and put it back together, the whole system had been working great. But tonight, the computer just turned off on its own. Nothing touched/shooked/jarred/breathed on the computer. IT was just sitting there defragmenting. Could it possibly be a power supply issue??? I don't know if I'm being paranoid now, but i can swear i hear a different sound coming from my computer too. Possibly one of the fans (more paranoia, but it sounds like its coming from the upper part of the case, Power supply fan??). COuld it be the fan from the power supply. Its a soft whirling sound, not like the hum of the case fans or the heat sink fan. Please help me.
  5. Okay, well I am about to go crazy. The computer turns on and off when ever it feels like it. It possessed I tell you, POSSSESSED. I dont know if its the PSU or the bent MOBO (someone mentioned this me, Snotling, i think) when I installed the new heatsink. Sometimes when I, myself shutdown/power down, the system it will immediately power back up. I have to resort to flipping the back power switch inorder for the computer to stop powering back up.

    I'm having my doubts about the problem being the PSU, cuz I took my old PSU from another computer and hooked it up to just the MOBO and my HDD, and it did the same ghostly/possesed thing of turning on and off. I soo hope it isnt a bent/cracked mobo. If anyone has any idea to solve this enigma please respond. I'm desperate.

  6. Could something inside the case be shorting out the two pins that turn on the computer?

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  7. Nope, those pins are firmly in place. No bent, or tweaking of any kind. I've already checked the power button, reset button, power led, speaker, and hdd led pins for the MOBO, everything seems just peachy. I tried out my computer again and its still turns on and off when ever it wants. Sometimes the power button won't work until 10-20 seconds have passed. This computer is haunted i tell you. Please help. And there is nothing wrong with my BIOS, i've quadruple checked every single category, sub category, and such. I seriously think its some other hardware problem.

    Please HELP me, i'm going insane.
  8. i just thought back to a similar problem i had on an old at case, it turned out to be a faulty switch. unlplug the power switch from the mother board, then see what happens, you can turn the computer on and off by shorting the two pins momentarily.

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  9. I think i got the problem licked. Well I went all out this time. I unscrewed the mobo from the case, disconnected all wires, cables, cards and adapters. I went for a complete frest installation (hardware, not software). I even took off the front paneling of my case. After about an hour or two, i found the problem. Before i tell you guys what it is, i have to check my self into an insane asylum first. ANyhow, the stupid problem all had to do with the simple power button. Wasn't a bad pin connection, it wasn't a bad short, or anything. When I took off the front paneling of the case, i noticed that some little peice of whatever was making the connectin between the switch and the button to snug. So the lightest touch of the case would case the button to set off the switch. I tested this theory out, but not pressing the button down, but just jiggling a bit, and wouldn't you know it, the computer powered up/down (depending on the initial powering). I fix the problem with some washers and cleaning the area out. Thanks for all the help. If this doesn't solve it, i'm buying a new fricking computer >:( haha..

    THanks again
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