Acer eManagement Windows Install Problem

Hi All.

I'm currently trying to do a clean install of Windows 7 on my brother's Acer Extensa 4230. It came preinstalled with Vista basic.

So after installing windows (first formatting the C: drive in windows setup), when the laptop boots up it does not go into windows but rather into the "Acer eRecovery Management". the three options are: restore system from factory default...restore system from user's backup....and exit.

The first 2 are greyed out, so i can only EXIT. when i try repairing through the windows installation cd, nothing works.

I noticed when installing windows however that there is a partition particularly for the acer backup (PQSERVICE), i think thats just standard stuff on acer laptops. will my problem be fixed if i delete that partition (PQSERVICE) meant for acer backup? I have stuff on my other partition (d:data) that is VERY important, so need to make sure whatever i do stuff in there does not disappear. many thanks!

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    If you do not mind deleting the partition, it should fix the issue. While you're at it, you might as well merge the two for a bit of added space.
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