Windows 7 x64 unable to read some flash drives

HP ProBook 6570b with Windows 7 x64 (less then a week old)

USB Flash Drive (based on some software it is SMI chipset if that helps/makes a difference)

Insert drive (have tried all USB Ports) drive is detected as Removable Disk.

If you try to do anything it says there is no media in the drive.

I've tried uninstall the drivers and let the reinstall
I've tried changing the drive letter.
I've tried booting with the drive connected
I've tried disabling USB Legacy Support.
I've tried reinstalling the latest BIOS and DRIVERS from HP

I am able to use the drive on other HP laptops and other brands without problems. I even deleted the partition and recreated and formated it using a laptop that it did work in.

All tested laptops were with Windows 7 x64. We have an additional laptop of this same model and it shows the same problem.

HP wants me to format the drive and reinstall the OS from the recovery disk. I have a hard time believing that will fix it and will only cause me more work to reconfigure and setup all of my software and work space.

When the drive is plugged in to the laptop that is not working it flashes very fast as if it's being accessed.

When plugged into working laptops it's solid unless it's being accessed and then it flashes.

Searching google it seems others have had this type of issue but no one comes out and gives a resolution that has worked.

Everyone seems to say just create the partition and format it but the issue is all I see is a drive with no media so it won't let me do anything to it at all.

Hopefully someone here will have some idea on what I should try next because formatting and re-installing the OS from the HP recovery disk just seems like it would be a wasted effort.
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  1. Just tested in safe mode and the drive works fine that way so it's only when booting normally into Windows 7 Pro x64 on this particular hardware.

    I suspect some weird driver problem but have no clue at this point.
  2. After working with HP Tech Support for 4 hours we were able to figure out why this was happening. Well not really why but what service was causing this.
    Steps to narrow it down were to disable firewall and UAC which was mostly for allowing HP to remote control the laptop.
    Then over the 4 hours it was a binary search through the services using msconfig and disabling all of them except microsoft ones.
    It was finally narrowed down to 1 which is the File Sanitation for HP Protect tools that comes pre installed on newer HP laptops which explains why other newer HP laptops have the same problem.
    HP is unable to explain why or offer a solution other then to disable the service. They couldn't even tell me what the service did.
    The bad news is once we narrowed it down and put things back the way they were which was renabling the services that were disabled in msconfig turning the firewall back on and putting UAC back to it's default value it has destoryed the boot up performance. I don't know why doing the above steps would have this affect.
    Windows is quick to boot up and get to the ctrl-alt-delete screen and the login screen. After login though the "Welcome" screen with the spinning circle takes 10-15 minutes before you see the desktop.
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