Restart disconnects the modem in windows 7

My modem keeps connection when I turn computer off and on but if I restart (reboot) the conection is lost and have to go through trouble shooting to reestablish the connection. Then I get message from the truubleshooter: "Local area connection doesn't have a valid IP configuration." My old modem broke and I have recently installed the new one. The old modem worked fine in restart. Is it possible thet the Windows 7 is trying to reconect to the old modem? The Internet provider cannot see anything wrong from their side. Could anybody help me to resolve this problem?
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  1. what kind of modem are we talking about?
  2. But the real question is why would you connect a modem directly to your PC? I strongly advise you use a router with firewall between your modem and your PC otherwise you're more at risk of intrusions.
  3. I've set up some one's internet before and they had to use software from the company to connect to the modem (PPPoE) and if that computer wasn't turned on and connected none of the other computers on the network could access the internet.
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