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Ok so i'm currently running a gateway 10.1" netbook plus a 15" toshiba laptop...i'm trying to get the best of both and buy just one netbook/laptop...i need something that can handle flash videos online, like things like hulu current netbook is no capable of viewing video online as it stutters and is choppy....i'm looking at a laptop in the 11.6" size, i found one at toshiba's website, but it's amd, i've never owned an amd before and not sure how good it biggest concern is will it be able to handle flash video since it's dual core and better graphics card? can anyone lend any advice on this issue? here's the computer
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  1. I'd stay away from the current generation of AMD chips. The next generation will be a lot better. Anyways, what are you looking to spend?
  2. When are the newer chips due out? I'm not in a super hurry but if it's gunna be months from now then I can't wait. Are the newer intels better? As far as budget I'd like to go no more then 500-550 range.
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