Shop online in Usa and ship to Ghana

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  2. hello
  3. wanna ask a question...
  4. well y Shop online in Usa and ship to Ghana. what i do is i purchased address from and they will provide me a us address. and viaddress will be the one to ship it to your place. a lot more cheaper than the shipping price of merchants. its really easy. i purchased shoes from nkie last week and i now have my shoes in just a few days thanks to! :pt1cable:
  5. well, i agree with aliyah00000000009191 i also used to purchase from us online shops who dont allow foreign ship. i have been using it for 2 months and they were a big help to me :)
  6. i purchased address from they offer low price with great service. so i suggest u use that so that you can shop on any us online shops.
  7. I agree with the above 3 posters that they were done by the same person who is trying to push that web site! What a clever and undetectable way you did this, I had to call the top 4 FBI investigators to figure out what you were doing, and they had to call some NASA scientists for a second opinion.

    Of course if you actually looked at the post, it's over a year old.
  8. I agree with that guy also, the other posters were fake. Don't listen to them, what a great guy that hang the 9 is, you should send him some money.
  9. I listened to hang the 9s advise and now my hair grew back and I am dating 3 super models between my time consulting for the NAVY SEALS in major covert operations! You should use his site also!
  10. Yes, that is likely what an awesome experienced with www . viaddress . com as my last received gift from my sister this holiday,.. :bounce:
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