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Hey, i need drivers for my hp pavilion g6 2220em for wireless, i have drivers for wifi, but wireless activity on my notebook is pretty poor and some networks which are supposed to be recognized pretty good are recognized badly (poor signal strength), also i need drivers for sound, pci device, usb controller. Offical Hp website offers drivers only for windows 8 for my notebook (HP pavillion g6-2220em) which are not compatible. So it is very hard for me to find those drivers. If you could find them for me, i'll be extremely gratefull! Thank you in advance!

Hope to hear from you soon, Petar
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  1. Only HP have the correct drivers for their own brand of laptops. You should really have checked what drivers they had before changing the OS.
  2. You are only partially correct. I have the same laptop, and installed first Windows 8, which were performing much worse than windows visa I used to have, at least for my taste (no aero theme, shortcuts for things I do not want to use, missing shortcuts for things I actually found useful). So I installed windows 7 and faced the same problem with drivers.
    I think it is unprofessional from HP to promote windows 8 in such abusing manner. It is not as if the hp retailers had this windows-8-only warning anywhere (even not in the box I got).
    Now for the solution. I tried to find out for what hardware I need drivers and had hard time with that. I maybe installed some successfully, I do not know. But then I applied the following (you need to have 64 bit windows 7, as I had to be sure): I installed all drivers offered for windows 8 from HP web site, with partial success (some drivers installed perfectly). The ones that were not installed successfully, I at least could find what company produced what device during installation (these programs are often branded with manufacturer and not with HP) , so for the ones that did not worked, I went directly to the website of component manufacturer.
    And it worked.
    Finally, a message to HP: this is my last time to buy so blindly from you.
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