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Which Scanner to buy to scan photos?

I have a lot of old photos at home and I am looking for a scanner to scan photos and negative films. Not too fancy something like canon 5600f/700f. I see that HP and epson also are offering good ones. Which one do you recommend?
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  2. I prefer canon scanners.
  3. Any particular model? i see that 5600f is CCD and 700f is CIS, am a lil confused. no many reviews or comparisions either on the net.
  4. I like the specs on the 5600f
  5. I was thinking of the same, just waiting for some more suggestions before ordering it. 700f costs 160$ and 5600f costs 225$ where I stay.
  6. I have finally decided on the 9000f.
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    Good choice!
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  9. Thanks for the best answer!
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