Laptop frzes after 10 minutes when plugged in.

I havea strange problem. MY HP touchsmart tx2 seems to completely freeze every 9 or 10 minutes ( I timed this for nearly an hour straight and its very consistent) but only when plugged into the AC wall adapter. I ran some system restores and nothing. And I only use this for school, I hardly download anything at all on it since I want it to last. I updated drivers etc.

This leads me to believe that my power cord is going bad. But why could that cause system freezing? Why not just an undercharged battery? Also safe mode seems to remain unfrozen for longer but froze with a system restore in progress. I can hear the proc fan going and I cleaned out the exhaust ports.

I also took the battery out and just ran it on AC. It still froze.

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  1. Chances are that it is either a bad battery, bad ac adapter, or a bad power jack. This can be a tricky issue to diagnose, as it is expensive to get a new battery or ac adapter to test the issue out (unless you know someone with a similar laptop). If you know of any computer repair shops or someone that does such things, bring it there and if they know what they are doing, they can run some standard diagnostic tests on the components in question to see if they are indeed bad.
  2. Thanks. I figured as much just wanted to double check because it is expensive like you said. I'll post an update when it gets resolved
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