Windows cannot be installed to disk 0 partion 3

trying to install windows... (OEM LISCNESE)
I resetted computer to factory state, assuming it would go smoother
cannot be installed on any of the following type
disk 0 partition 1 39.0 mb (30mb free) OEM (reserved)
disk 0 partition 2: RECOVERY 12.8 gb (6.1gb free) system
disk 0 partition 3 583 gb (569.7 gb free) primary
Please help
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  1. Are you re-installing from a Windows disk or trying to use the Recovery console?
  2. I have seen similar errors be resolved by physically removing all USB storage devices and all hard drives except the one on which you wish to install the OS.
  3. yes off a disc
  4. OK, select partition 3 (583 GB) and delete it. Then, when it asks to select again, pick the one that says unallocated space. Are you trying to save anything on this drive (I would assume not since you are trying to do a factory reset)?
  5. no i dont need any personal things...i deleted it, unallocated space is what it says. i tried selecting it and it says i cant because its isnt in gpt format. i tried converting in cmd and it says it is not convertable. sigh.
  6. Ok. For the unallocated space, select it and go to "New". Once the partition has been made, format it and then try again.
  7. i clicked new, applied the changes, hit the ok when it said it may need to make more partitions, but then nothing happened. i clicked it again and format is not an option i can click
  8. I had a similar thing happen and I ended up changing the type of DVDRW in the Bios to get around the GPT error.
  9. how do i do that?
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    Ok. When you restart your rig, after the beep, start hitting the DEL key to get into the bios. Within the BIOS, go to Advanced BIOS Features. Looking down the list, find EFI CD/DVD Boot Option and make sure it is set to "Auto". Then, go down to Boot Priority. Set the DVD drive to be the first priority drive to boot from the CD. Hit F10 to save and exit. Then Windows should boot from the disc and you should be able to install on partition 3.
  11. all it says is choose an operating system to start with. and in my motherboard manual it even says del is bios so idk wtf is going on
  12. Keep hitting delete after the computer beeps one time then a screen should come up (usually blue) that says your in the bios. Follow my previous post. It should boot right into windows installation with "Windows is loading setup files" and a bar going across the bottom of the screen. If you don't get that far, let us know where your stuck.
  13. i powered up my computer, waited for my screens to come on (before it beeps) it beeped, and iw as already hitting del. all it did was bring me into windows boot manager
  14. try holding delete the whole time.
  15. didnt go to bios... most of the other f keys just take it to the windows boot manager. does it have to do with the fact i dont have an os?.. or
  16. Hmm. What is the motherboard make and model? It should be DEL if it is a custom build. Some proprietary machines have different keys for BIOS setup. It's not a Dell, Gateway, or anything in that nature is it? If so, what brand and model number?

    Try a different keyboard and/or in different USB ports if is not the round PS/2 connector.
  17. it is a msi 760gm-p23 (fx) mobo and in my manual it says bios is del, i just switched keyboards, still does not work
  18. yes got it! switched to the non usb type..
  19. OK. The USB keyboard should work. Look in the BIOS for Advanced Peripherals and make sure that USB Controllers, USB Legacy Function, and USB Storage Function is enabled. Try the USB keyboard again once your done and if you have a different one try that. But first, lets get you into Windows installation.
  20. so i should delete the 583 gb one to get it into unallocated memory?
  21. alright it worked!
  22. Cool deal. Once you get windows installed, try to get that USB keyboard to work or try another one. Look in the BIOS as I said before and check the USB controller settings. You are definately going to want the USB keyboard and mouse for Plug n' Play capabilities as well as any usb devices that you use. If you don't have the settings right in the BIOS nothing will work in the USB ports.
  23. yea ill check. thanks for all the help... im just waiting for the next setback. i regret buying a new mobo, its put so much stress. all i can say is hopefully this goes ok and i can be up and gamin soon. Once again thanks so much for all the help.
  24. one more quick q haha uh after it is all installed and everything should i go back into bios and change the boot option back to what it was?
  25. Yep. As soon as it restarts the first time. Leave the disk in the DVD drive. Glad I could be your best answer.
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