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In the article regarding the heatproblems with the intel pentium processor 560 S775 3,6GHz the following was written:
"Using the virgin Intel boxed cooler, the processor will certainly run within its specified parameters even under high workload. However, dismounting the cooler forces the user to clean the processor and the cooler surface in order to deploy a fresh thermal compound - which is exactly where problems begin.

If you decide to use a common thermal compound product, its thermal conductivity won't be good enough to cope with the thermal loss spawned by Intel's Pentium 4 top models 550 and 560. Users will end up having a 3.6 GHz processor that needs to throttle for thermal reasons."

I recently purchased a computer with this processor, and i immediately reacted to the idle temperature with the boxed-cooler. The temperature never went below 68 degrees celcius. After reading alot about the processor and cooling, i decided to buy a new cooler.
I bougt the ThermalTake 775 Silent cooler with a 90mm fan, and Arctic Silver 5 cooling compound.
The results are in complete opposite to the article. My idle temperature is now 53 degrees celsius, and my load temperature has never, that i know of, reached a higher temperature than 69 degrees.
My boxed-cooler was different from the one in the video that is included in the article. Has intel changed the cooler, or is the cooler on my cpu mounted by HP, witch i bought the pc from?
The reason i ask is only because of the difference in results from the article and my results, and because the article "recommends" users to stick to the original boxed cooler. Witch i think would be wrong if the reality is the complete opposite.

If anyone else with simmilar CPU's has any comments or experiences on this field, please let me know =)
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  1. HP does not buy boxed chips, they buy trays.They have thier own hsf supplier.
    Not all chips are equal. Some chips get hotter than others. You are fortunate that your problem was so easily fixed.
  2. The difference in the Heatsinks arent the issue. If its an Intel Heatsink it should do about as good as another Intel Heatsink made by Intel. The thermal paste itself is the difference. I think what happened to you was that your first attempt at mounting the heatsink to the CPU wasnt as good as the second attempt. Usually it would take a few days of breaking in for the Artic Silver to work its best. That big of a drop in temps is a very good indicator that the heatsink wasnt seated just right the first time. This doesnt reflect poorly on you at all. This is Intels fault. Your lucky that you got a better seat the second time. Most people that I have talked to are having to try 3 or 4 times before they get one seated proplerly.

    Now on to your current temps. They are still high. Even with a tornado blowing through your case, its only going to lower your temps a small amount. At the temps your reporting, you are overheating in places you dont even know to check yet. Do you have an Infrared temperature gauge by any chance. Thats how I monitor my temps. I have the 550 model. The hot spots are going to be your Northbridge, Southbridge, and a few smaller parts especially the ones that are located in the upper left hand corner of your MOBO. They will be very close to the CPU and I can guaranty you that they are to hot for you to touch. I wouldnt be surprised at the temps your CPU is running at if some of those parts that I mentioned are running over 80C and thats not good. There is two ways to run this CPU at its best and cool it properly. One way is that $50.00 Heatsink but I cant remember the name of it. Maybe Zalman its huge and will only fit on some MOBOs. The best and IMO the only way to run one of these systems is to liquid cool it. This can be a very fast rig, but you need to consider cooling it properly.

    What are your total system specs? List all of your parts even the case and fan setup. Also let me know what you are using the rig for. Do you OC? Just a warning, I wouldnt OC that rig until you cool it down. IMO its running to hot now, and im afraid that your overheating in more places than the cpu.

    To save us both time, assume I know EVERYTHING :tongue:
  3. Thanks for those good tips =) First of all, i was not the one who mounted the cooler the first time, so im not to blame there =D

    Regarding the NB/SB temperatures, You're absolutely correct. Sadly, i have no IR-temperature gauge, but i have felt the temperatures, especially on the NB-cooler with my fingers. It actually burned my skin...

    Don't know if my specs are interresting, since i am going to buy a new Mobo and a new GPU, but i'll list them anyway.

    Mobo: ASUS PTGD1-LA "Puffer" (think this is some kind of HP-special thingy... Since i can't find this exact board on ASUS' webpages)

    CPU: Intel Pentium 4 "Prescott" 3,6GHz With ThermalTake 775 Silent

    Chipset: i915P

    GPU: ATi Radeon x600 PRO 256 PCI-e

    Mem: 2x512 4200 (unknown brand)

    Storeage: 2x Seagate Barracuda 160gig running@39 and 36 degrees celcius

    Sound: SoundBlaster Audigy2

    Network: Wireless Network PCI-card

    I have only one 120mm fan drawing hot air out of the cabinette, and i think this might be adding to my problems. I am concidering buying a cabinette (can't remember the name) with 5 120mm@2200rpm-fans, witch has a fan blowing directly down onto the cpu. I am also concidering a new mobo... Preferably with a NB-cooler with a fan mounted.
    I have played with the idea of liquid cooling, but i don't think this is something i will embark on just yet. I have no plans of OC, since im running a Intel-setup with all of its heat-issues...
    Thanks alot for good feedback on my post =) I think i will use this forum often in the future =) The only problem is expressing myself in english :-p
  4. why would you buy another oven like that ? For less money you can have the same or better performance, more hardware features, less heat& noise. Unless you are running a specific app that works much better on P4 than Athlon64, I see no point in getting a high end P4 these days. Let alone 2 ;)

    = The views stated herein are my personal views, and not necessarily the views of my wife. =
  5. Where do your live and do you have a limited availability in which brand parts you can buy. For instance in the US of course we have almost anything or brand available as long as we have the money. I know some other countries dont have this ability. Im asking because I do know of other options for your cooling situation. Ill let you in on a little secret about measuring temps. If you will buy a digital thermometer, just a cheap one that you would use to take your temperature if you were sick this will do a fairly good job of giving you temps on parts like your NB and SB and CPU. If you can get one of these let me know and I will send you a chart that I have made that gives the deviations between a digital thermometer and an infrared.

    How much are thinking about spending on this upgrade? Which video card are you considering? The best cards for the money right now seem to be the 6600 and 6800 series, but with the CPU that you have most of the revviews that I have read along with the testing I have done myself show that the ATI cards tend to allow slightly higher overall system performance. As for MOBO's I have used my P4 550 on 2 boards. One was an Epox and for the money it was a great board $115.00, I now have the ASUS P5AD2-E Premium and although it cost alot more"$230.00" it is worth it. Right now I am using a software program that comes with this board that automatically adjust the CPU frequency depending on how much of a load that the system is under at the time. My CPU is a 3.4 and right now it is running at 3.9Mhz becasue I am folding and surfing the net. If I stop the folding, the program will auto adjust the CPU frequency back to stock"3.4" or the appropriate speed depending on the stress being put on the system. I have pushed this 3.4 out to 4.2.

    To save us both time, assume I know EVERYTHING :tongue:
  6. Im sorry, the "oven" i have is a deal i got from my employer, not one i bought with my own hard earned cash =) A monthly payment for 3 years. But it seems noone knows i have this computer =D Cause so far, i have paid nothing...

    Anyhow, if i was to buy a completely new pc, i would clearly go for an AMD-setup. No doubt there. But if i can get the one i have now for free, why not?
    It's a real advantage to have control of what you sell... something my employer and the company witch delivers the pc's oviously do not have...
  7. I live in Norway, and i don't think availability is a big problem here... The mobo's im looking at is the Asus P5AD2-E Premium or Abit Fatal1ty AA8XE. I guess i am going to buy some sort of ATi Radeon x850XT PE Video card.
    Good tip on the thermometer, but i think i'll wait with that untill i have my new mobo and cabinet.
  8. I have the ASUS P5AD2-E Premium. You wont regret this board. It has a very slight edge over the ABIT. The software package is great. Good thinking on the Video card also. Im just about to jump on one of these X800XL's myself. Also if your going all out, look really hard at Corsair's new DDR2 that is getting all the spotlight with there 711 speeds and fast timings. Ive got Crucial Ballistix and am happy with them.

  9. make sure to get a 560***J***. They have E0 stepping. Theyre the newest and coolest prescotts. And u might look at the zalman CNPS 7700 for air cooling. Oh and by the way, the the corsair XMS2 PC2-5400 (which is what i have) is rated up to DDR2-800 :) :) :) YAY for OCing.

    P5AD2-E premium MOBO rocks!

    Mozz, when did u get a P5AD2-E???? PM me, i want to compare notes with u about overlocking with it, i've run into some things and could use a comparision
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