Expliot:Java/CVE-2010-0840.IO help.



I recently clicked on a fake Adobe Flash Player update, which infected my computer with:


These were recognised after doing a full MSE scan, and selecting these files for removal.

Everytime I browse the web, I am prompted to allow an Adobe Flash Player update.

From what I have researched, this is a Rootkit virus and I will most likely be performing a clean install.

First I have some questions:

1. What exactly is this virus doing to my computer? All I can find are people saying it's collecting personal info to be sent out remotely. Is this correct?

2. Will this infect my hardware/firmware? Will I need to flash my Bios or replace any hardware?

- I have 20 gigs of iTunes music (most of it backed up), and 3 gigs (100 songs, not backed up) of Propellerhead Reason song files. I was thinking about putting the Reason song files and a few iTunes albums on a cloud drive, and then bringing them back after the clean install.-

3. Is it a bad idea to move files like this to a cloud drive, and then back onto the clean computer? If so, there are sites that can scan files for viruses right?

- I only care about the Reason files, so it is prudent that they not be erased. Everything else can be erased.-

4. Reason also uses a ComStick that will have to be cleaned. How do I do this? Or should I request an new ComStick from the company?

- I have an MPD 26 (Akai MIDI controller) attached to my computer now, and I do believe it contains memory, do I need to worry about it being infected as well?

- On that same note, I have a Firewire Focusrite Saffire Pro 24 Preamp. It, however, has not been powered up since I got the virus. Do I need to worry about it being infected?

- I also use a usb wireless card and a wireless touter, could these be infected as well?


I have tried to uninstall Java 7v9, so I can reinstall Java again from the website. It will not allow itself to be uninstalled. It says Java 7v7 gathering information, and then does nothing.

This is the first virus I have gotten in years. The fake update had a certificate and everything, I was almost sure it was authentic before I clicked it.

Let me know what you need from me, or anyway I can help you to help me.

I have not included much personal/system info on my page yet, because I don't know what info this virus is collecting from me at the moment.

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  1. Hi :)

    Run a FULL Norton Internet Security 2013 scan plus a FULL Malwarebytes scan (after updating BOTH)

    All the best Brett :)
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