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I need to get a laptop for a student her budget is about $450 - $500. I just need something basic, nothing to fancy. Will mostly only be used for work.

I recieved the Specs on the Gigabyte Q1580L looks nice, but im always open to more options.

Thanks in advance :sol:
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  1. Laptop in Home Build?
    Wrong section Dude!
  2. Doesnt really matter but fair enough.
    My bad, didnt know
  3. Will re-post it now. How do u delete a post?
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  6. For $450 to $500, you have options... Is the student looking for small size for mobility? big screen desktop replacement? Are they an engineering/architecture student that will need to use graphics heavy modeling/CAD programs or not? there are solutions from 10-17in screen in that price range, especially for a school only/no gaming computer.
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