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I been having a lot of problems with OpenGL lately (since I built my new computer), and I am going to give a pretty detailed rundown of them, so that I can get the most useful response. Not for the faint of heart or short of attention span. Here goes: my computer is an Abit KG7-raid based system (via 133 chipset) with an AMD 1700+ CPU. Originally, I had an ATI ALL IN WONDER 7500 graphics card, but after a few months, I started getting back into 3D games and noticed that OpenGL didn't work. Games using it crash intermittently or refuse to run at all--tribes 2 just loops a "Close Program" dialog box informing me of an error in kernel32.dll. A bad sign, to say the least. After making sure that there were no IRQ conflicts, I discovered that my board--and I was stupid for not noticing this--doesn't support openGL hardware acceleration. So I returned it in favor of a PNY GeForce 3 (not titanium) card. This, too, causes the same sort of OpenGL crashes, despite the fact that it states on the box that it supports OpenGL. This website also did some testing on a PNY board using OpenGL, which worked fine. SO! My question, finally, is this: what's going on here? Did the ATI board leave some weird system settings on my comp? Is it a system incompatibility? Could it be the BIOS? I have the latest Nvidia drivers, the latest chipset drivers, and the latest sound card drivers, and windows 98SE. Any help is appreciated. Greatly.

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  1. I'm by no means a expert on this stuff. But did you uninstall your old drivers before installing the new card and drivers? Hell, I don't even know if you have to do that... I have always got a new system along with a new card... so... good luck. If worse comes to worse you could always back up important files and try a fresh intall of Win98. Also, you didn't mention DirectX. I would assume you have the lastest version... but hey... ya never know. ;o)
  2. You could also consider going into your system registry and deleting all the ATI keys. Once this is down, you can reinstall your Nvidia drivers and all should work fine.

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  3. Both teh R7500 and the GF3 completely support OpenGL. You're best bet is to reformat.

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  4. Yea, thanks for the registry keys tip. Thats what I was thinking too, although I don't know how to do it =]. As for the R7500 supporting OpenGL, that's what I thought too---but it only supports CPU OpenGL, not hardware acceleration. Whatever that means. I thought that was my problem, but now it looks like I wasted my money on a new video card when the old one would have sufficed. I need to solve this. I will try the registry thing tonight, then update the bios and check my settings. anything else i should try?
    Oh, and as for the reformating--that's on my list too, but more as a last resort.

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  5. To delete the registry keys, first run regedit than place your marker on my computer (on top) then go under the edit menu and go to find, then type in ATI and let it find the keys, hit F3 to get to the next will let you know when you've reached the end. However, double check which keys you delete, if you think you might have seen them somewhere or think they belong to something else, don't delete them, you might screw up your system and might have to reformat after all. Good luck!

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  6. Thanks. I'll let you know if it works =]

  7. OpenGL has been supported fully on the ATi cards since the original Radeon. The 7500 is pretty much the same chip only it runs faster.

    I can't see it being a software OpenGL solution, as I would think games would run very poorly in OpenGL. Most of the OpenGL games I have run very well with my ATi. I did have a problem with Tribes 2 and XP, but that was solved once ATi released new drivers for XP. (The original drivers that ship with XP do not support OpenGL).

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