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I have the ASUS P6X58D motherboard and the mic is way to quiet, I plugged it into the front port and the back and it is still quiet. This rules out hardware (unless both are broken). I installed the drivers from the Asus website. Ive tried rolling back, installing general drivers, google. Nothing.

I plugged in a USB to audio converter to get around this, it works fine with that. Just wondering if there are any solutions.

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  1. Have you tried going to -Control panel-sound-recording-microphone-properties-levels, to see how high the recording volume is set to
  2. Have you checked you mic volume is set to mute??
  3. I have done everything, with mic boost +30dba and everything on high, YELLING into the mic gives it a little bit of sound.

    Also if I didnt make it clear, the mic is not broken due to it working fine with my USB adapter
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