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Ive got a USB 2.0 Webcam on a USB 2.0 Cat5e USB extender... It says "Up to 50m range".

My length of cable is roughly 4-5 Meters... The webcam appears in device manager fine, drivers install fine, can see the image fine, for about an hour or so, at which point the picture freezes. So i close the window, and re-open the webcam viewer, and it says, cannot connect to the device, the device may alrady be in use.

Can anyone help?
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  1. Try using the camera without the extender, does it work fine then?

    If that works with no issues, try using just a longer USB cable without the extender. 5 meters is a bit long for USB but a decent shielded cable may handle that.
  2. It works fine without the extender.

    I have several of these, creating a sort of cheapo mini cctv network. The Cat5e Extenders say up to 50m, so whats the issue? Really annoying!
  3. So the issue is the extender. Try a different cable. Not all things work with all devices, or the extender can be bad.
  4. Ive tried two different brands of entender. will try re-cabling between them!

    As an afterthought im going to try plugging the host (PC) end into a powered USB hub before the PC, as i have a suspicion that the cam is losing power over the connection, espcially as these cams have 6 LED's on them.
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