ASUS g73jh-A1 or Sager NP8120

Hey everyone I'd like your advice regarding which laptop I should purchase for the overall better package, this includes performance, build quality and even longevity of parts.

The links for both laptops are below:

Stock ASUS g73jh-A1 on Amazon:

Sager NP8120 on with the standard settings chosen:

To me, it seems like both these laptops will provide amazing performances for games and apps alike and the average battery life is roughly the same but that's not much of an issue. I want a laptop that can last me for a long time, I'm talking 2+ years.

The Sager has the SLI 285M GTX Nvidia cards, but my question is, is this option better than the Mobility Radeon 5870 HD that the ASUS g73jh provides?
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  1. Hello and welcome to the forums
    2 GTX 285M's perform better than 1 5870M.So the Sager model will do better in gaming.
    If you need something faster, have a look at AW M17x which has 2 5870Ms(that perform better than 2 GTX 285Ms)
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