New Machine need advice.

Well, Im looking at this so far.
Zalman CNPS7700-Cu CPU Cooler
2GB (2 sticks) DDR2 (need recommendation)
MSI Neo4 or the latest ASUS Board (need recommendation)
BFG Tech 6800 Ultra PCI-E
74 Gig Raptor
Audigy2 Value

Any feedback will be glady accepted. Oh ya im getting the Dragon MGE/XG Case when it comes out at awesome case.

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  1. I could be wrong, but AMD chipsets don't use DDR2.

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  2. dhlucke is right, no ddr2 for AMD. 2 gigs of RAM is nice but not necessary for gaming (it looks like a gaming setup to me)

    You have to make sure the Zalman fits, it's quite big.

    Get a good PSU with that case, at least 450 watts a-brand.
  3. Depends on the overall case cooling but you might want to consider a NV-Silencer-5 cooler for the 6800 Ultra.
  4. how does the NV-Silencer-5 install screws thru the MB?
    On the ram im play EverQuest too so i need lots of ram I will use less when they fix the memory leak. I play FPS'es and have 40fps hehe.

    Also on the ram what brand? Im thinking OCZ Corsair or Kingston
  5. With NV-5 you remove old fan and heat sink assembly from the video card. They supply new copper heat sink and all the screws and rubber spacers plus a tube of stuff to apply to mem and video chip. One caution is that it requires 2 PCI slots. Most if not all 6800s do anyway, but the NV-5 uses the adjacent slot by creating a wind tunnel on that side and vents the air out through a slotted cover (supplied in the kit)on the rear of the rig.
  6. I checked it out the BFG card has the same setup already on the card with a gap blower.
  7. Good thing you did that. I would have hated to have advised you to spend money when you didn't have to.
    Heard that is an awesome card too.
    Best of luck with the rig.

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