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Hey all, I am in the process of rebuilding my comp, I already have a k8nxp-sli (nforce4 sli) and a a64 3000
1gb of pqi memory (that doesnt oc very well) anyways I was gonna ask, I know it would be cheaper to get some new ram (been looking at geil ultra ddr500 cl 2.5) and a better cooling solution to oc with OR, a new proc, in wich case I was curious, is the 4000 worth the cash? or get the 3800, since I cant afford a fx :( anyhow, thanks for any ideas
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  1. What do you do that your computer isn't adquate for?

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  2. Oh its not "inadequate" I am just a speed freak.
  3. If I was being a frugal speed freak, I would drop the ram speed to see how far I can OC the CPU (while keeping the ram at or below spec). If the CPU doesn't OC very far, then buy the faster CPU and run it stock until you can get better ram. If the CPU will OC to 3800 speed+ (2.4 or so), then your $ would be better spent on OC-able RAM.

  4. Will your ram do 210? Get the 3200, drop your ram to 333, then clock your HT to 4X, and raise the bus to 250. Your ram will be @ 210, and your chip will be @ 2.5.
  5. The ram will tap out at 218-220, with the vdimm set to .2v above spec. And to lower the speed I just use the memory lock right? P.S. Thanks to all that have put their 2cents in it is appreciated :)
  6. To Endyen, thank you so much, I have built systems for about 5years now, but I am fairly new to the whole 64 setup, with the HT, and fsb, I did as you suggested, and was able to lock the ram at 333, and dropped the HT to 4x with 247 (most it would go) fsb, I went from (oced @ 218mhz fsb) 1.97ghz and a score of 3596 pcmarks (2004) to 4271 pcmarks @ 2.2ghz, I do belive its time to invest in a better cooling solution, and some ddr500 ram. Thanks again
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