Give it to me straight - Best Gaming Laptop <$1200


1200$ and below


All Blizzard's stuff
All Valve's stuff
Civ 5

But I'd like to be able to play anything sufficiently, have it run well, and look good (MED minimum, preferably HIGH)

Screen size and res don't matter, but I'd like to get the best you can get for sub-$1200.

So, give it to me straight folks.

PS. The reason I want a gaming laptop at $1200 or below is because through my Grandpa's company I can get a deal where I pay for the computer over 12 months. I can't do this if I wanted to build my own and $100 a month is a good payment.
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  1. So the base model would be fine? I added a cooler and a wireless mouse, but would the base processor and 5850 run all those games well on MED-HIGH settings?
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