Installing windows 7 on top of Windows 8(Dual boot)

I have installed Windows 8 on my PC that has Intel 915GAV motherboard. It worked well with out any compatibility issues, but the videos and HD audio options are not available. Videos just dont play or has a huge lag.

Now i want to keep this Win 8 partition intact and want to go back to my Win 7 to have the missing features back.

I am just curious if this will freeze Win 8 from loading up the OS choice mend before boot up.??

All that i expect is to get a OS choise menu before boot... Any suggestion pls?
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  1. Ideally, while creating Windows dual boot system you install the older Windows version first.(XP<Vista<Win 7< Win 8).
    It's because the "old" OS setup cannot recognize the "newer" OS already installed.

    More than likely you will end up with a non-bootable Win 8 partition(even if there is a OS choice menu)
    You can try repairing Win 8 installation through the Win 8 bootable DVD though
    If that fails you can try manually editing the bootlader entries using bcdedict or the boot sector with bootsect (both are command line) from Win 8 DVD
    But unless you are comfortable/knowledgeable in using these tools or prepared to take the risk, you shouldn't mess with them else you might end with non-booting Win 7 OS as well
  2. Hi

    The Windows 7 bootloader is similar but not the same as Windows 8.
    Windows 8 is likely to run from Win 7 boot loader then the next time Win 8 starts it will reset to Win 8 bootloader when shut down

    ( I have Win XP & Win 7 (x86) + bootloader on SSD (HD0) and Win 8 (x64) on 3rd partition on HD1 added last,
    Win 8 re writes bootloader and if I then select Win XP it blanks the screen, re installs the Win 7 boot loader and reboots again and Win 7 bootloader offers all 3 Windows)

    BUT best to play safe and backup any important data before proceeding

    Both Win 7 & 8 have option to build emergency recovery CD's
    (useful if you do not have retail Win 7 DVD or your Win 7 DVD has no integrated service pack 1)

  3. Thanks for the info guys!

    Now both are there!

    I started the Win 7 installation from the Win 8. By running the ISO file of the Win 7. Now the Win 7 bootloader appears at start, and i can see the Win 8 option available too.

    I have installed the EasyBCD 2.2, but when i make it to default to Win 8, no OS choise menu appears. It boots the Win 8 directly.

    Can i now have the Win 8 bootloader come again with Win 7 option in boot menu?

  4. The version of EASYBCD that I have used had an option to change the delay time before the default started.
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