Help! - Removed bloatware now Blu Ray doesn't work

Hi All,

I bought an Acer 8943G recently and have been upgrading it and trying to get into as speedy and efficient as possible.

The Blu Ray was working fine but since I last used it I've performed the following actions and I suspect that during the removal of bloatware I've deleted the software that runs the Blu Ray.

Removed as much Bloatware as I could using Revo Uninstaller
Installed 4GB more RAM
Installed an SSD as primary drive (used Acronis to clone the HDD and have replaced HDD with SSD)

Windows 7 and the machine in general appears to be running really well now.

However I went to watch a Blu Ray last night, the disc didn't autorun and then both Windows Media and VLC Media are telling me they cannot play the disc as the disc was written in an unsupported format.

I tried the basic troubleshooting and the Windows Media troubleshooting and they didnt find any problems.

I suspect I've either deleted the Blu Ray software altogether or deleted the drivers that allow the DVD player to play Blu Ray discs.

I should also add the the Restore to Factory settings doesnt appear to be working since I last ran Revo.

Aside from going through the time consuming process of getting Acer to send me the factory settings boot disc, and then having to go through the whole install & removal of the programs I want & don't, are there any quicker alternatives?

How do I find out what the Blu Ray player software was and will I be able to download it again?

Or is it just a case of finding the correct drivers?

Any advice would be gratefully received.

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  1. Hi

    Was wondering if you ever got the BD working again.

    I only ask because I'm seriuosly thinking about buying this lap top.

    Thanks :)
  2. Hi,

    Yup, I managed to get the restore to factory settings to work (had previously told me there was no factory image when I tried - so not sure what happened) but the restore got the Blu Ray working again.

    For what it's worth I'm happy with my purchase and think I chose the right one. I also added an SSD as the boot drive and that has it running at really good speeds.

  3. Blu Ray will only work with a player such as Cyberlink power DVD ver. 9 for Bluray.
    Media player will not.
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