Computer Keeps Restarting

I am Having problems with my PC as when I am playing some games like Half Life 2 and
LOTR The Battle for middle Earth every now and again my computer freezes and exits the
game and sometimes it even restarts for no apparent reason my pc consists of

Motherboard: Gigabyte K8NSNXP-939
CPU: AMD Athlon 64 3500+ 939
GFX Card: Leadtek Winfast 6600GT
Memory: 2x512Mb Kingmax DDR400
Soundcard: Soundblaster Audigy 2ZS
Heatsink: Coolermaster Hyper 6
OS: XP Pro

I dont think it is a overhaeting problem as I have the fan on the HSF on high and I also
have 1x80mm and 1x120mm case fans for extra ventilation. If any one could help with this
it would be greatly appreciated


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  1. I have a K8NXP SLI, with a 6600gt, and a pretty simialr setup to yours, the only problem I run into is some levels of Hitman Contracts will boot me back out to the desktop, never a reboot though. Hvae you overclocked the system any, or maybe set the voltage to the proc higher than need be? Also what type of cooling solution are you using for your cpu?
  2. About the cpu cooling solution, sorry I didnt see thatyou have that already posted
  3. What's the spec of your PSU?

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  4. Or more to the point, what are your voltage rails sitting at according to Motherboard Monitor or some such program?

    <pre>Antec Sonata 2x120mm
    P4C 2.6
    Asus P4P800Dlx
    2x512MB CorsairXMS3200C2
    Leadtek A6600GT TDH
    RAID1 2xHitachi 60GB
    BENQ 16X DVD+/-RW
    Altec Lansing 251
    NEC FE990 19"CRT</pre><p>
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