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I'm a huge racing game fan and I've been playing DiRT 3 and F1 2011 a lot recently. I hear all the time that racing wheels are a must for people like me, that they are fun to use and improve race times. I'm looking for one to buy/get for Christmas that isn't too expensive (i.e. < £150), but performs very well for its price. I would like it to have an accelerator pedal, brake pedal, flappy paddle gears on the wheel, and good force feedback. I play racing games on both my laptop and Xbox360, so cross-compatibility would also be great.

I have very little knowledge on this topic and I don't know where to start, so any help would be great.

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  1. *tumbleweed*
  2. This should be good, but does not seem to support xbox, only PS3 and PCs
  3. I didn't go for that one in the end but thanks for the reply anyway :) If anyone else is reading this thread then you might be interested in the Thrustmaster Ferrari F430 which is the wheel I've ordered. It is only £80 on amazon (add £19 for 3-year accidental cost cover) and has great force feedback and a good set of pedals, along with a flappy paddle gearbox. Not the best wheel but apparently very good for the price.
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