Just a quick question on chargers. I have a Ergo Microlite XL M2400 on the way to me. The seller has been using a HP510 charger for it which is a 3.42a 19v one. The standard for this laptop is 19V 2.64A 50W. My question is would it be ok to use a 3.42 charger on a 2.64a laptop? I am wondering as the more powerful PSU is cheaper than the less powerful one.

Strictly speaking do chargers have to be what the standard is on the laptop?

Also does anyone know the exact charger this laptop uses, I tend to have a habit of buying incorrect items...

Also are cdrom drives standardized for laptops as in compatible with most laptops?

I really don't have a clue when it comes to laptops.
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  1. Does the microlite 2400 support bootin from usb devices apparently it says USB-FDD in bois but no usb memory.
  2. A charger that is close to the right amps will work, but may get very warm during use. If you are worried about it breaking or the battery dying or starting a fire, get an exact match.

    For the most part, laptop makers have slightly different cutouts for their CD drives, although the internal connectors are mostly the same. Some have regular rectangular holes for the CD drives, some have some intendations, they are not all interchangable. The answer is "it depends".

    If there is a boot option for a USB Hard Drive, it will boot off a flash drive. Should be USB-HD probably in the BIOS.
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