Look at what FUGGER did.. [-peep-]!

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I'm assuming this was the FUGGER who resided around here for a long time.. he must be gone now. Theres not alot of resources here for someone like himself.

All I can say is whoa.. I'd like to see what he can get @stable though.

Suck this one down spitfire.. intel sure sucks!
This [-peep-] owns you.
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  1. It must be nice to be able to get DFI to supply one of mobos. Wonder how much of the rest of the system is "special".
    Dont try this at home kids, unless you to can get hand picked parts.
  2. Think he will be the one to first get an <A HREF="http://www.xtremesystems.org/forums/showthread.php?t=52851" target="_new">ATI to topple GF6800U SLI</A> in 3dmark03?

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  3. Hes one of the few that could.

    I'd be more interested in seeing what extreme overclocked SLI could do.
  4. Hand picked parts or not, this socket 775 is cruising at LIGHT SPEED!

  5. yeah, that P4 OC is jaw dropping though for sure. I can't imagine the fun of having the ability/time/money/experience/hardware to take things to that level. I'd probably never game as OC'in would be too addicting.

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  6. anyone else notice the lack of screen posts at the so called 7.2ghz OC?

    Still wary of Fugger.

    Highest I caught was a 4.9 screenie... saw a 350fsb with no multiplier mentioned.

    Pretty impressive whatever he's doing, would be nice to see some more benches, and some screenies..

    Just wondering what a Dothan on super cooling with DDR2 support would muscle up.

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  7. Oh, and please don't mention the very first pic of the bios... I can't take a digicam pic of my T-Bird bios at 200mhz fsb, but it won't actually do it.

    Bios pics are laughable.

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  8. Gotta agree there. What does it prove? zilch.

    The only real issue I have with FUGGER is that he very rarely actually runs any benchies - He seems obsessed with just getting a higher Mhz displayed somewhere, rather than actually making the computer useable.

    Now I know he does hold a few records in various benchmarks, but I would prefer to see - and be much more impressed by - 3dmark scores or something @ 6Ghz than a screenie of a BIOS at 7.2. It's not actually faster if it doesn't actually <i>do</i> anything.

    Don't get me wrong, Kudos to him and all that, but something a bit more interesting than seeing how quickly he can get something to crash would be nice from time to time.

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  9. Yeah, I realize a bios photo doesn't prove anything, but if he says he snapped that photo after booting up at 7.2GHz, I'd believe he did. But yeah, I'm alot less impressed by just bios posting speeds than benchable ones. Still, 7.0 GHz + is pretty amazing nonetheless.

    Anyway, I agree that some more benchies at the highest windows stable speeds would be alot more fun and convincing also. I'd like to see a 3dmark2001 run on the orb above 6.0GHz even if only the games benched for total score. Problem is, a 3.0+GHz A64 would still outscore it, keeping it off page 1 on the orb.

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  10. It might be truly impressive if he ran some benchies on it. As it is, one can only assume that even if this cpu would be able to execute any app at anything near that clockspeed, EIST throtteling would keep it executing no ops, quite possibly resulting in the slowest cpu in decades.

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  11. This is a sport thing, not a usable CPU.

    I don't care much about overclocking game. FUGGER is a great player of this game, so congrats goes to him for breaking records. I'm sure that if he played with A64, he could've made some A64 clock speed record, too.

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  12. we arent too far from 3ghz A64s. a few people are pulling that on xtremesystems with chips of my week and the DFI boards.

    im not going to join in on downplaying this (why? its quite the accomplishment), but i would like to see more benchmarks. i think hes gotten 6.x benchable.

    this is exciting. i cant wait for those NF4 DFI sli boards to come back in stock, one of those to replace this crap-SUS and a arctic cooling freezer 64 will be alot of fun.
    wonder if i can get 7ghz? :smile: <P ID="edit"><FONT SIZE=-1><EM>Edited by GAME on 02/16/05 10:59 AM.</EM></FONT></P>
  13. i suppose you guys could go to xtremesystems and tell them all this..

    ya right!
    link me to the thread that you do
  14. There are 3.1GHz A64's on top of the <A HREF="http://service.futuremark.com/compare?3dm05=526392" target="_new">orb</A>.

    Sold on the DFI still huh. Nice mobo for sure. I'd like to see it pitted up against the <A HREF="http://www.hardocp.com/article.html?art=NzE0" target="_new">MSI K8N Neo4 Platinum/SLI</A> in an OC showdown. Throw in the Asus and Gigabyte for fun too. Anyway, 100% prime 95 stable at 375MHz HTT on that MSI!!!

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  15. The DFI will still win.

    /shakes head

    when will the rest of the web wake up?

    They both use 100% japanese capacitors (I'm not saying MSI is junk), but I'll get my DFI, you use your MSI and we'll see... :smile:

    The asus is stable, and has alot of features, but is a stock board. Revision 2 is coming out that will OC better, but for now its no match.
  16. Im excited about this. I have been busting my rear end trying to push my 775 higher and higher. One thing that I have run into with my testing is tht at 4.0 or higher my system starts to lose ground in benchmarking. Im sure that this is due to my lack of knowledge as I am still learning the ins and outs of this platform. Just not much detailed info out there on the 925XE. What this does show is that the 775 series even with its problems has a hell of alot more potential than it was once given credit for haveing. I dont think that by any means this CPU is for the average user but I do beleive that we have much ground to gain with the 775. On the issue of the CPU slowing down after a certain speed has been reached, i would think that this is a limitation to some degree by other components mainly RAM and the Video Card. As faster and more capable Hardware is produced that can maintain this much speed then I beleive that we will find that the 775 has the capabilities of cruising way past its present speeds. Im still fairly new to all of this and my 3.4 is running just under 4.0 at this very moment. I would think that people with more expereince are see much better results than I have.

    Ok guys the floor is open for Flaming :lol:

  17. I'll wait for more info & reviews before deciding which is better. Doesn't matter for me as I will be sticking to this NF3U/AGP 6800U for ages anyway.

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  18. nah man.. i dont think anybody but the pissed off amd fanboys disagrees with your statements.

    they are just truth.
  19. I booted into windows and benched at 5.9Ghz 329FSB 1:1 3-2-2-8 at a very low vcore of 1.6v for a super pi time of 21 seconds (patched)

    Japanese use a program called clocgen or setfsb to adjust the speed in windows. They boot up at a much lower FSB. As an example. My highest speed I could boot into windows was 5.6Ghz when I pulled world record of 6.315Ghz. Iheld the record for a few months.

    At 1.95v (highest bios setting), higher than 7.22Ghz might be possible in windows.

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  20. Good show! It's amazing how high those quality CPU's from Intel can be overclocked. Still, I'd hate to pay your light bill! :lol:

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  21. Hey man that was one hell of a mark you hit! Keep up the good work.

    Ive got an ASUS P5AD2-E Premium with a P4 550 and 2X256 of Ballistix PC5300 DDR2. Im using a X700 Pro but have an X800XL on the way and a Thermaltake 68OW PSU. I am cooling the CPU with liquid and am about to order the waterblocks to cool my video card and Northbridge.

    So far im running into boot issues at anything past 280X14= 3920. I can leave the multiplier at 17 and get up to 4.2 What are some of the things that could be holding me back? Im thinking my RAM may be. I wish that I would have gotten the new OCZ RAM and still may.

    If you could tell me about some of the BIOS options, I would apreciate the help.
    (1) I have been locking the PCI freqeuncy at 33 and setting the PCIexpress nember between 100 to 105 but usally 100.
    (2) What about Vcore, the Chipset voltage and the RAM voltage? My RAM seems to get crazy with anything more than 1.90 and the highest that I have put the Vcore is 1.475
    (3) Do you change the PCIexpress voltage? Mine defaults at 1.50.

    Any info would be great. Thanks

  22. No contest, are you sure? How much have you read about the MSI K8N Neo4 Platinum SLI? How high a HTT has that DFI hit? I realize there is a lot more to it than just that, but I still wouldn't wager much either way without seeing more tests done. I'm not taking away from the DFI as it was built for overclockers and it's memory timing/speed abilities seem to be pretty incredible, just saying it may have found a worthy opponent for all but the best extreme overclockers out there who know how to fully utilize the DFI's bios. I would just like to see a good comparison that's all.

    I'll let you two Bran<font color=white>d</font color=white>fans keep living your dream though. :wink: You definately can't go wrong buying that DFI, even if somehow it falls to #2 for OC's. :eek: Will it happen, well lets just say I wouldn't risk wagering a used 8500le on it, but then again I'm not a betting man anyway.

    For instance, as good as the NF7-S was for overclocking mobile XP's, my one Soltek was able to match the same max overclocks on both chips, even with less voltage, (but not the refurb one I first used). Now add water cooling or better, then I could see the added voltage offered by the NF7-S to help reach a little higher. But on Air, it was 2.4GHz, and 2.6GHz for both mobos, although I did get a higher fsb on the NF7-S and a bit more performance from that.

    Anyway, I've read some about the DFI, but nothing comparing it to the new MSI/SLI. I too was wowed by Anand's memory results on that mobo, and sure forums seem loaded with talks about it. But Show me some links to that comparison and I'll gladly erase any doubts of NeoSLI being a contender and be a full fledged Lanparty NF4 SLI nut like you two.

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  23. Congrats man... I was by no means bashing you at all.. feed us some benches.

    If you can get the P4 rocking that high.. I'd hate to see the numbers the Dothan would do with DDR2 support.

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  24. fsb voltage up one notch 1.55v?? maybe 1.6

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  25. What are my main bottlenecks? Would it be the RAM and Video card?

    Ballistix 2X256 PC5300
    ATI X700 PRO

  26. I hadn't seen you post on that mobo. But I didn't mean the [H] review. I was pretty sure you have read that by now anyway. I just haven't seen anyone else review it yet. And [H] really was totally shy on details about his OC, so we need more info on it.

    Yeah, I don't know what he did to hit that 375MHz HTT. It obviously had to be 2X or lower. But it does show the mobo can hit that fsb, which is more than they could say for the Asus. I mean looking at his multiplier even, he wasn't after MHz overclock, just fsb (HTT) maximimums. I am just saying, it has potential. The OC part of the review was lacking for sure.

    If you see more reviews, let me know though. I am looking too.

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  27. Isn't saying they ran a 375MHz HTT with an A64 saying the same thing as 375 FSB? FSB is called HTT in A64. So they could still have run 375 x 2X =750 HT bus. Yet 3X wouldn't work as it would be far too much over 1000.

    HTT Frequency (FSB) x LDT multiplier = HyperTransport Bus

    Anyway, [H] <A HREF="http://www.hardocp.com/article.html?art=NzE3LDc=" target="_new">reviews the DFI SLI now</A>, but the bozos didn't compare it to the MSI! :frown: I only had time to skip to the OC/conclusion page now, but will read it all tonight. Their conclusion is far less enthusiastic compared to the ravings they gave the MSI.

    DFI - <i>"DFI definitely has a good foundation to build on with the nF4 SLI-DR board. If you’re itching for an Athlon64 upgrade, then this should be one of the boards on your short list."</i>

    MSI - <i>MSI has really got a winner on their hands with this board. If you’re looking to upgrade and want to take the Athlon64 socket 939 plunge, don’t even think about getting another board. This is the board to get. Period."</i>

    They also mention NF4 issues(SATA/IDE), like AT has been stating lately. I'd like more info on this.

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  28. Can you bring us some news from the ATI overclocking contest.

    i need to change useur name.
  29. Holy [-peep-] thats some nice clock speed he got there. wow.

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  30. Here you go juin <A HREF="http://www.theregister.com/2005/02/28/itanium_04_sales/" target="_new">http://www.theregister.com/2005/02/28/itanium_04_sales/</A>, I know how you love to hear about Itanium.
  31. Being a troll... oh well this is the internet, when in rome.


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