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i am having an asus x80n laptop which doesnot startup and i mean when i press the power button it gives green light on power indicator and on the on indicator for a second and afterwards it gives no response,when i try to again press the power button it totally gives no response and you have to take the battery out or power supply out to have the same one second blink response .the condition of this notebook was not this same it was working fine but when i tried to start it again in the morning it didnt start but the condition was different as to previous stated means i pressed the power button it went fine through the stages like blinking the right indicators through fan getting on but it got stuck before when the asus screen comes leaving me with no response on screen,i read many places on the internet that its solution is to press the power button for atleast 45sec without batt...etc i did that for 3 to 4 times and it worked but that was just a luck because it did the same not getting start thing again and again leaving me in a state that it will turn on when it wants so i used it with some fear and i installed new windows and i restored all the bios settings to manufacturers so this laptop which i love now goes in a more meanner and bader phase when i left it in standby mode ,it was stuck there so i switched it off manually but again i managed to turn it on but at the other day when i pressed power button it gives or blinked lights and shuts off but then again after trying and trying i managed to get it on but now i am completely stuck with on light blinks for just a second an thats it no progress i really need help as you see and will appreciate any assistance
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  1. Sounds like power supply failure. See if you can put a multimeter on the power supply adapter low voltage plug and see if it matches the claimed output.

    If the power adapter is okay then it's more serious -- power components inside the computer. That needs a repair guy.
  2. How old is it? Is the battery good?

    Is it under warranty? If so, return it for repair.

    Has the warranty expired? If so, return it for repair and you will need to pay someone to repair it.
  3. thanks for the replies and i think the power supply is good because it shows light and charges the battery when notebook is off and also notebook dosnt start even with battery which is well charged and yes battery is a okay ,its an year old laptop and yes the warranty is no more so it seems like from your replies that the only hope is the repair guy but i personally think (i am not a repair guy nor ever i fixed a laptop before)that its some hardware has gotten loose inside because if it was broken means any hardware malfunctions it havent gotten on again and again in the first place,this what i think but i need your expertise to solve this any video to dissasemble x80n
  4. pls provide me a video to dissasemble x80n pls
  5. I wana update you guys that i have dissasembled it to ram,processor,harddisk,fan but no luck even putting them back but laptop gives 3to4 lights every time the hardware is removed ,i am unable to remove the gpu so pls help
  6. yes iam happy to tell you guys that i went for vacations for 5 days and when i came back i assembled my notebook which i left half disassembled and it worked ,it only gaved me bsod and stripes but i open the lcd and its plugs and align all the needles and now its all fine the thing now iam worried is about cooling gel of processor and that rubber thing of gpu ,iread somewhere you have to reaply it after removing the fan and the cooling part
  7. and also can you guys pls tell the average temps of x80n or in general notebook eg.gpus,cpuss,etc because i am using it now so i can monitor it
  8. Heat sink compound dries out so replace it. The rubbery thing may be a sout of cheat conductive mat -- these get damaged or distorted when you remove the heat sink so remove completely and use heat sink compound instead.
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