Simple question about Neo Platinum

Hi i'm planning to get a new computer in March.

I'm just wondering is the network card already built in on MSI K8N Neo Platinum nVidia nForce3, so I don't need to buy one ?

I assume that when I get the mobo, they will also give me a driver CD for the mobo and then i need to install it?

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  1. there's 2 rj-45 connecters on the neo2, so u'll be fine
  2. Ok thx !

    is there a driver that i need to install in order to use it ?
  3. i don't think so cuz it's part of the nforce3 chipset =\, but if there is, it should be part of the neo2 bundle, so all in all, no extra hardware/software to buy
  4. thx a lot, now i don't have to worry hehe
  5. As was said, yes there are two and they are both gigabit ethernet even. Drivers are supplied on motherboards chipset driver disc.

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  6. Make sure the driver loads initially. If it doesn't work right, load it from control panel using the "search for driver" feature with your CD drive selected.

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  7. just get the board, forget about buying an ethernet card and i promise u'll be fine
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