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First of all, hello everyone! :)

I'm getting an entirely new system and went for a logitech G110 keyboard as well as a cyborg RAT 7 mouse. The mouse feels very very well built and I personally love how it looks and its technical specs.

However, I've been trying for the past couple of days to get comfortable with it and still havent really got the fit dialled in. I'm more of a palm grip person and my biggest issue with the mouse so far is its right click feels way too easy to click (ie. it offers very little resistance to pressure). I have a large hand and sometimes the weight of my middle finger sitting on the right click would cause it to click which is very annoying. Is this normal? Or is my mouse somehow sort of defective? And if this is normal (which I do not see why) is there a way to somehow adjust the click resistance?

I tried all the length adjustments and im using the pinkie rest but the problem still persists. For those who actually own the RAT7 and are happy with it, how do you exactly hold the thing lol? are you experiencing the same super sensitive click buttons issue?
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  1. bump........ anyone?
  2. bumppppppppppppp
  3. I had much the same problem at first but over time and with a great deal of experimentation I got used to it and now I cannot function without it!
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