PC won't start at all!

Hi everyone, would appreciate some help here. A friend of mine has an old Pentium III PC that until recetly was running fine. Right now, the PC just wont start up at all. There is zero response whenever the power button is pressed. The PSU has already been replaced and the problem still persists. We've tried stripping it down to barebones level, it also doesn't work. Might it be a motherboard failure problem?

basic system specs:

Abit P3 motherboard (not sure about model)
Pentium 3 933mhz
128mb RAM
gigabyte GA-622 riva-tnt2
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  1. try resetting the CMOS

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  2. <A HREF="http://www.motherboardrepair.com/index.php?sec=images" target="_new">I love to check for bad capacitors!</A> Look for bulges and leaks

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  3. My guess its simply something as silly as the on/off button, or wiring. Try removing the MB connector for the PSU on/ff switch, and just short the appropriate pins with a screwdriver. If that doesn't work, then your MB is most likely toast, as it does not give a "PWR OK" signal back to the PSU. There is no other reason I can think off that would keep at least the PSU from activating.. unless.. are you sure you are having power on the wall socket ? :)

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  4. If the front panel switch is working, you have a short some where. Unplug the chip, ram, graphics, pci cards, all the psu connectors ( except mobo) and all the cables. Have it so the only thing pluged in is the mobo. If the psu fan comes on, the short isn't in the mobo. Add one thing at a time, untill the rig wont start.
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