6xx and 3.73EE Review

<A HREF="http://www.xbitlabs.com/articles/cpu/display/pentium4-6xx.htmlp" target="_new">X-Bit Labs</A> seems to have the first review out of the blocks (other than X86-secret) and they say it doesn't change the market picture at all. The chips offer little performance advantage and are usually still second to something else. In a few rare cases, they're slower than their 5xx counterparts (slower L2 cache). They also run hotter than the 5xx's (yet dissipate less power...) and OC very well (then again, these are engineering samples).

The 3.73EE is funny. It outperforms the 3.46EE sporatically, sometimes by a lot, and other times it loses. It runs very hot at idle and doesn't have any sort of idle-throttling (forget the exact terminology). Performance is still behind the FX-55 and largely behind the 4000+ and 3800+ as well.

I'm disappointed with Intel's new offerings, but they do potentially promise something in the mid-range market....tremendous overclockability, but we'll see on that.

Maxtor disgraces the six letters that make Matrox.
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  1. Bump....now they're also up at a bunch of other places, seems that X-Bit was the nicest about it. Everyone else is saying thanks for the features but give us some performance...

    Maxtor disgraces the six letters that make Matrox.
  2. your linky has a typo. Get rid of the 'p' at the end... :smile:

    <A HREF="http://www.xbitlabs.com/articles/cpu/display/pentium4-6xx.html" target="_new">fixed link</A>

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  3. hmmm... I'll stick with my 2.6Ghz, 47C @ max load winchester, ta very much. :lol:

    "Sex without love is an empty experience...
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  4. Not suprise at all. Until Intel comes with a new design, Intel will follow AMD in performance. The new features in Intel is nice, but not needed at the price range of 999.99 dollars. Intel latest is not the greatest.

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  5. <A HREF="http://www.anandtech.com/cpuchipsets/showdoc.aspx?i=2353" target="_new">Anandtech's review is up</A>

    This is what they said about P4EE 3.73 in the conclusion:

    <font color=blue><i>And if you feel like paying for Intel's 65nm fab plants, feel free to buy the new Pentium 4 3.73GHz Extreme Edition, but if you want the same performance and still want an Intel CPU, the Pentium 4 660 will do just as well.</i></font color=blue>

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  6. Ha Ha, so true...but also true is AT bias...

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  7. I would like to say something nice about the 6xx seies. I'll get back to you, if I can come up with anything.
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