I7 notebook

Hello, I am in the market for a i7 Notebook,

Minimal Req:
i7 720QM cpu
4g ddr3

I am fairly tech savvy however I have never played nor looked into notebooks

Wondering which of the two would be a better choice and why




I will be using the notebook for occasional gaming sc2 ;)

Thoughts and feed back between the two cards ?

Thank you in advance
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  1. If I were making this choice for myself I would choose the first one just based on its higher screen resolution alone.
  2. Hello and welcome to the forums
    Go with the first one, it has a more powerful VGA.
  3. many thanks, and I'm not new :P rarely ever post
  4. suggestions and/or comments on upgrading to a 12 cell battery?
  5. If you need the added battery run time, and are willing to accept the extra weight that goes along with it, then go for it if it's an available option.
  6. If you need more battery life,then go for it
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