Updated ATi Drivers, Windows Will Not Boot

Hi there.

Searched this place for a while now, there's been similar problems but nothing has worked out for me at all.

The short of it is that I reinstalled windows 7 HP, it booted up fine when no drivers were installed, I install drivers and it goes to starting windows, gets past it and just hangs on a black screen, no mouse, nothing.

Tried using driver sweeper, removing everything and updating my drivers multiple different ways.

This is a very new build, about 2 weeks old? Was completely fine until I installed a new CPU fan, but I don't see how that has much to do with it?

ATi HD 7850 2GB is the card.

Thanks for any answers.
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  1. Does it boot and run fine in safe mode?
  2. Yep, it runs fine in safe mode, it even boots into Windows once I Driver Sweeper the ATi card and it only uses the VGA drivers.

    Lost for words on the frustration It's causing!
  3. Hi,
    Try expanding the ATI package on a folder, but cancel the installation after that.
    Right click the display adapter in Device manager, choose update driver and point to the folder
  4. Did you try with an older version of the drivers maybe?

    Make sure you install all chipsets and especially disk controller drivers (preferably latest version of "Intel Rapid Storage" drivers if you have Intel chipsets). Do that BEFORE installing other drivers. I had a lot of problems with disk controllers drivers lately and it causes all sorts of weird things to happen with other drivers and software.
  5. Going to give these a whirl now lads, thanks.

    Edit: Just tried both of these, neither worked, same thing happened. Saw something about starting up in diagnostic mode, would this help find the problem or not?

    Edit 2: Tried it in diagnostic and selective start modes; Neither boot with the driver installed.

    Edit 3: Tried reinstalling windows from scratch, no difference, still stumped.
  6. Then it seems like you have a defective card my friend. Good news is that it's still under warranty so you should arrange RMA with either the reseller or manufacturer depending on your support options.
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