Laptop Performance drops when A/C unplugged

Hi guys,
So I've tried to look into the power options to change this problem. I've set the "while on battery" Processor maximum and minimum state to 100%. I just want to be able to unplug and not have my frame rates and performance drop.
- John

Windows 7 Home.
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  1. Most laptops have features that throttle down both the GPU and the CPU when you run on battery in order to save power. For the CPU, the feature is called speedstep for Intel CPUs. You have to go into the BIOS to disable this feature. For your GPU since it's a NVidia card, you'd most likely have to go into the NV control panel and either look for power settings or a section called PowerMizer.

    Note: your battery life will drop like a rock since both the CPU and GPU will run full tilt.
  2. I looked in the bios like 3 times, i don't see anything called speed step, then again my CPU in the bios is grayed out. I figure set up press f2 is bios
  3. It might be listed under EIST or C1E. Try and find the power feature for your GPU since that is more important while gaming anyway. The CPU will, in most cases, override SpeedStep when you put it under load on battery or not.
  4. Theres not much i can do in this bios, change the date and time really. Boot menu. Not a whole lot.

    But i did happen to download CPU Z again, just to see what changes when i unplug the A/C.
    Its not the CPU
    Its the GPU the shaders the memory and core both cut in half.

    No i went into NVidia cntrl panel and i found "Power Management mode" it was set on "Adaptive" And i set it to "Prefer Maximum Performance.
    But still hasn't changed anything.
  5. Ok... if you go into power management in Windows, see what happens if you change the power plan to high performance. The only other thing I can think of is Asus just has your laptop locked down pretty tight.
  6. Its def the powermizer thing, but i can't figure out how to disable it
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