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Dell won’t even let you send an email to support if you bought your computer outside of the US. They tell you to contact the support in the country where you bought it. So if you don’t speak the language of this country you’re screwed. I didn’t care about the original language of this computer because I knew I was going to reinstall it straight away. I never dreamed that I would be barred from English-speaking support sites if I bought my laptop in another country.

Phoning abroad and waiting one hour on the phone is not an option. Too expensive. And everybody says that the people who answer are mostly incompetents following a script. So for me Dell customer support cannot be contacted at all, full stop.

If anyone knows a way to circumvent this stupid restriction, please let me know. All I want is to be able to send an email to Dell support. In English.
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  1. Babel fish email and then retranslate the original country's support answer hoping your email isn't intelligible in the first place.
  2. Well, what sort of issue are you having with your Dell?
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