Building a new comp(1st time)...advice plz

Hey all, first time poster here. After my many Dell laptop woes(Inspiron 5150, if anyone would love to hear my horror stories I'll be glad to share), I've decided that, hopefully, I'll try and sell it soon and use that money towards the building of a new computer. I'm thinking about spending about $1000, let me know what you guys think of this setup.

Note: All prices are from newegg even though I know I could get better deals elsewhere(like that insane deal at staples for the 200gb hard drive for $60 or something)

Case- Raidmax Black aluminum gaming case with 420W PS-$80
Optical Drive- Samsung DVD+-RW-$55
Hard Drive- Maxtor 200 Gb 7200 RPM-$110
Keyboard-Logitech Elite-$25
Memory-Corsair Value Select 512x2-$130
Monitor-Viewsonic Perfectflat CRT 17"-$134
Motherboard-ASUS "K8N-E Deluxe" nforce3 chipset-$125
Processor-AMD athlon 64 3400+ 512k L2 Cache-$219
Video Card-EVGA nVidia Geforce 6600GT-$198


(Didn't include an OS, will figure that out later)

Yes, I finally have defected to the glory of AMD processors! I only have a few concerns about this setup, I've heard bad things about power supplies included in cases, are these rumors substantiated? I'm sure the 420W will be enough if it's a quality PS. Secondly, perhaps most importantly, the RAM. Hearing the term "Value Ram" makes me feel like I'm buying a second rate product. Is there really that much of a difference between this and the Corsair XMS? Third, is the stock heatsink sufficient if I plan on some mild overclocking. If there's a good alternative that is fairly cheap, please post a link. To avoid criticisms, I'll say up front that I know it'd probably be better to get the 939 socket, but I really am on a slim budget having to pay for college and all.

Edit: Would I be better served getting the ASUS "A8V-E Deluxe" and perhaps an AMD athlon 64 3200+ instead? Will there be a noticeable difference between the 3400+ socket 754 and the 3200+ socket 939?

Finally, I'll ask this here since Dell tech support is totally clueless. I plugged in my new mouse(logitech mx510), didn't work so I figured it was the mouse, but then my old mouse and printer wouldn't work(both USB ports dead, essentially.) So I go out and buy a pcmcia card, open it up only to find it it needs power from a usb port. So, not expecting it to work, I slide it into the PCMCIA card slot and plug it into my usb port in futility, yet it works. How could the port be dead if power's still coming from it?(I tried removing the usb root hubs from device manager and letting windows recognize them all over again, didnt help. Diagnostics also came up normal.)

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  1. Too many question at once and some questions which don't belong in the CPU forum.
    -I wouldn't trust a case and a PSU for that price, what are the PSU amp ratings for each rail?
    -Get a Western Digital/Seagate instead of teh Maxtor
    -Corsair normally is a bit too expensive for what you get, value doesn't matter, its still ok ram if you don't o/c.
    -The socket 939 3200+ will be a lot slower than the 3400+ 754, I think you will notice the difference.
  2. First of all I agree with everything the previous poster said, and just a few suggestions of my own, get a different optical driver, NEC/Liteon. Raidmax psu's blows, so invest some money into an Enermax/Antec above 400w. Many people buy the s939 CPU's is because the Winchester cores has very promising overclocking results. The performance difference between the 3400+ and 3200+ winchester is pretty big, but not noticably big unless you live for benchmark scores. I'd recommend a s939 board actually, such as the Abit AV8, or the Gigabyte Nforce3 board(can't remember model name), with a Winchester 3000+, i know it's only clocked at 1.8Ghz, but you won't tell a huge difference if you plan to game using the 6600GT. Then again you can always overclock it:D Why i say to go lower on the CPU is because, i feel the pain for people with anything smaller than a 19" monitor. So go a little lower on the system, and get a 19" monitor, Samsung 955DF is what i'd recommend if they're still around. But whatever you do avoid Samsung's 997DF, it blows.
  3. Don't get S939 3200+, 2.4 GHz 3400+ is a much better CPU. The "better upgrade potential" of S939 is practically almost useless.

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  4. Really? It seems lots of folks in this place have been praising it for the OC potential.

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  5. I second the suggestion for a 19" monitor over a 17", especially if you plan on gaming.

    Monitor: You could downgrade from 3400+ to a 3200+ and use the saved money to purchase a 19" (can probably find one around $200 at a local computer store if you look hard enough) - I wouldn't purchase a monitor online as the shipping charge will be monstrous.

    Hard Drive: My personal opinion on the HD setup would be to purchase 2 80GB's instead of 1 200GB. Yeah, you'll lose 40GB but if one hard drive happens to die prematurely then you have you could have important data on the other... of course I guess this should only be a consideration if you will not be backing up everything on DVD's.

    PSU: Like everyone else said, I almost never would recommend sticking with what comes with the case. Last time I did this on my own built PC, it resulted in catastrophe.

    Everything else looks good and gets my stamp of approval.

    EDIT ~ "...resulted in catastophic results." - what was I thinking?

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  6. The reason I was considering using socket 939 instead was for a few reasons.
    1. PCI-E Graphics Cards
    2. Dual Channel Ram
    3. Future Upgradability(both processor and Graphics cards)

    But I suppose by the time I would need to upgrade a 3400+ socket 754 it would be time for an almost entirely new comp anyone(motherboard mostly I guess.)

    Thoughts anyone?
  7. And the dual core cpu for socket 939 :smile:

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  8. You mean you wouldn't want to get a 754, or you talking about the dual core? If the latter, I suppose I could agree with that. I wonder how much a performance upgrade you'd really get out of it. But still, it is a nice thought anyways :smile:

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  9. Wow, that's kind of... depressing... :frown:

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