How to increase laptop batteries life

hi i have acer 5740g laptop.and i want to know how to increase laptop batteries life?please guide me for this concern.thanks in advance.
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  1. The best thing to do is remove the battery and keep it in a cool dry place if the Laptop is using mostly AC Power. Run the battery low every now and then and charge it back up to keep the battery charging and discharging properly. But for the most part try and keep the battery removed. This will likely prolong its life if you only use it when you really have too.
  2. Never charge the battery when it has some charge, you must always let it run out completely and 'only then' give it a full charge.
  3. Use Acer's power management software to reduce the CPU speed and screen brightness when on battery. It can really help to give you more battery life.
  4. thanks a lot guys i will definetly do this this thing with my laptop.thanks a lot
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