Laptop Intel CPU speed problems

My MSI GE700 laptop was working pretty well ok the previous days, but earlier after a few minutes of using it
The Intel Turbo Monitor shows 2.67GHz even at idle :o
My Windows 7 side widget also shows 2400MHz speed (since its the max it can show) and core usage is averaging about 30%

I turned off Intel Speedstep and didn't even help, the widget still shows 2400MHz core speed

I used CPU-Z and the core speed is 2660.4 MHz
Multiplier at x20.0
Bus Speed at 133.0MHz

I also used HWmonitor and the temps are

Core#0 68C/(66C (min)/70C (max)
Core#2 66C/62C (min)/69C (max)

I also used speedfan 4.41 and the temps are

Core 0: 49C
Core 1: 49C
Core 2: 46C
Core 3: 43C

the processor seems unstable since its maxing speed and strange enough, my task manager only says 28% CPU Usage

I'm not sure what the cause of the problems are

I'm using drivers from the CD that came with the laptop as well

Laptops specs:

Intel Core i5 450M 2.4GHz turbo up to 2.67GHz
ATI Radeon Mobility HD5730 1GB DDR3 Switchable graphics
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  1. Indeed. It seems as if the CPU is either faulty or it is "busy" with something fairly heavy in the background. Have you noticed any strange/unwanted processes running?
  2. I had my laptop checked but the CPU was in good condition and the background doesn't show anything weird
    All the processes I have are all the same when it was still in good condition

    After looking for other solutions, I ended up formatting the laptop. I installed my Windows 7 OS then the drivers. The drivers I used are the drivers I was using previously

    after doing all of that, my laptop right now is working in good condition. I'm not sure what caused the problem but reformatting it
    fixed my problem

    It seems it might been caused by a virus or perhaps a driver error
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