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dkdunsmore[at]centurylink.netI want to install win 7 on my ssd, my games on a raid 0 drive, and my user files on another hdd. I read an article in Maximum pc, and tried thier process. I am not able to have more than one user file and would like to add other users. Is that possible? Is there a better way to acheive the system I want. I am running a homemade rig:

Win 7 ultimate
Asus P5Q turbo Mobo
Quad Core extreme QX9650 3.0 ghz
60 gig OCZ SSD
2 WD Veloca Raptor 300 gig in a raid 0 config
1 WD green 1tb hdd
Nvidia GTX+ 9800

I just want to use this rig to my advantage, any help would be grealty apprieciated
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  1. Guide on how to move user folder to a second hdd after a fresh install.

  2. Easy and simple did what I wanted Thank you
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