the new 600 series and o/cing

Just read this over @ XS and thought i'd post it here. Full credit to the original poster Sentential for discovering this.

Ok, just a little update. Having a hellova time getting things stable and Im afraid I know why.

For those who have plans to buy 600s DO NOT! Unfortunatly like the current state of my life im going to be getting rid of this most likely as well. Probably very soon. Starting to run out of options, not sure what I should do

The issue with the 600s that make them **** Ocer chips is this "throttleing" nonsense. Ill explain:

When your CPU is on idle it automatically throttles the CPU back to:
14 x 200 @ 1.2v = 2.8ghz

Not such a big deal right?

Here's the *real* issue that no one discusses here. When it throttles it does so purely by multipliers. So when you push the bus up you run into serious problems. Observe

16 x 250 = 4ghz @ X.Xv
14 x 250 = 3500mhz @ 1.2v

Once the throttle kicks on instead of running your processor at a small 2.8ghz instead it attemps to force your Prescott to run at 3.5ghz @ 1.2v. THAT is a serious problem if you are looking to break 4ghz or have a high bus speed

Thats a hell of alot to ask of ANY processor much less a prescott. Because of this you can and will get errors when you push the CPU up purely because of the idle voltage being so damned low.

As for the review Im going to end sadly on this sour note. I have no need for a CPU that maxes out pre-maturely because of this.
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