Dell studio 1749

Is this a good deal? Dell scratch & dent Studio 1749 with 1 yr warranty. It comes with i5-520M 2.4 ghz/ TB 2.93 and 4 gigs ddr3 1333. Also 500 gb 7200rpm HD, 17" screen, standard keyboard and 9 cell battery. It's $680 + tax.
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  1. Hello and welcome to the forums
    What is your usage ? also what's the VGA model ?
  2. General use, little to no gaming.
    Excuse my ignorance but what exactly do you mean by VGA model?

    Thank you for the kind welcome!
  3. I mean its brand and its model,i think its ATI HD 5650M.(for your notebook)
    It will be fine for general use, and has a great price too.
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